Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI in Phoenix chances are you may be looking for a DUI Lawyer. While there are many attorneys available to you it’s important that you find the right one to represent you. It will help to bring the following questions to ask your DUI lawyer when you meet with them. Most attorneys will be happy to answer them during your consultation.

Do you focus on DUI only or do you handle other cases as well?

Many people think that DUI cases are cut and dry but they can actually be quite complex. That’s why it’s important you find a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases. A lawyer who practices criminal law may be qualified to handle other cases as well. So how much of their case load is DUI work? Finding a lawyer that understands the complexities of DUI cases is important.

What is your current case load do you have time for my case?

Does your lawyer have a heavy case load or multiple cases pending trial that could cause them to lose focus on your case and not give you the attention you deserve? In order to have the best chance of winning your case you will need a lawyer that can dedicate their time to you.

Do you think my case will go to trial and if so how many trial wins do you have?

Your attorney can’t tell you with absolute certainty whether or not your case will go to trial they should have an idea based on the circumstances. If your attorney has a different plan this would be the time to tell you how they see your case going. Should your case go to trial you will want a lawyer that can has a good track record for winning. If your attorney has taken few cases to trial this could be a red flag that they may not fight your case and instead look for a plea.

Do I have a strong case or do you see any potential challenges?

A Good DUI Lawyer will be upfront with you about the challenges in your case. While you want a lawyer who is confident in getting results nobody can guarantee the outcome. Finding someone who is realistic about your chances but willing to work for your best interests is ideal.

How often do you handle cases in the court where I’m scheduled to appear?

Does your lawyer have experience in the court your case is being heard in? If so do they have a positive relationship with the judge? Are they familiar with your prosecutor? You should discuss these questions with your potential lawyer as it could affect the outcome of your case.

Will you be the actual lawyer handling my case?

Hiring an experienced or popular attorney can mean that they are also very busy. In firms that have several lawyers on staff you may meet with the senior lawyer at first but then be assigned a different attorney when it comes time to attend court.

Remember when you interview lawyers to be open about the details related to your DUI arrest and not withhold information. Because of the attorney client relationship the lawyers you interview with must maintain confidentiality which means anything you tell them can not be shared even if you choose a different lawyer to represent you. If you have any other questions to ask your DUI Lawyer write them down and bring them to your interview.