Find the Right Phoenix DUI Lawyer

Chances are you arrived here because you’re in need of a Phoenix DUI Lawyer. Whether you’ve been charged with DUI, Extreme DUI or Super Extreme DUI you deserve the best possible defense. Cases such as Underage DUI or Felony DUI also require specific care. It’s important that you find the right lawyer to handle your unique case. This means the DUI lawyer you select should not only understand your circumstances but should have time to create a proper defense before your court date. You will have to take several things into consideration before you hire a lawyer which we will outline for you. The most important thing is that you remain calm and let your lawyer you do their job. Just like anything else this will come to an end and you will be able to continue moving forward. If you have any questions along the way check back and refer to the resources that we’ve made available about your upcoming journey.

In Arizona a DUI conviction means you will serve jail time even for first offense. Multiple convictions or more severe cases can extend time served. If you do not take action now, and seek legal advice, things could get worse. Being convicted of a DUI, or entering a “no contest” plea; will result in fines, loss of license, alcohol screening, counseling, jail time and or probation. In times like this you will want to find the best Phoenix DUI lawyer possible. While we can not offer legal advice we can help you find the best DUI Attorney in Phoenix to assist you with your unique situation during this particularly stressing time.

The penalties for drunk driving in Arizona are severe and it is viewed as a serious criminal offense. If you’ve recently received a DUI both the department of transportation and the criminal court will request mandatory hearings. Failure to appear to these hearings when they are scheduled could result in further penalties and charges. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney now can help you fulfill necessary requirements and appointments.

While no attorney can guarantee results in court, hiring a skilled defense attorney can improve your chances of a successful outcome. Without an attorney by your side you could face the maximum charges for your DUI offense. When it comes to finding the best Phoenix DUI Lawyer to handle your unique case you should research and ask questions.

How Much Does a Phoenix DUI Lawyer Cost?

There are plenty of DUI Lawyers in Phoenix but choosing the right one to handle your case is important. One of the most important aspects of your decision could be the fees and costs associated with hiring a DUI lawyer.

Many factors affect the total cost of your case including the severity of the offense, number of prior DUI offenses, and whether it goes to trial or not. The amount of time you spend discussing your case with your lawyer can add up if you pay them hourly which is why some lawyers offer a flat fee or fixed rate. Lawyers who work on a fixed rate may have additional fees attached should plead not guilty and decide to go to trial. It’s important you understand all costs associated with your case before deciding to hire a lawyer. Look for a Phoenix DUI attorney that’s willing to work with your circumstances. Remember this is about you and your case don’t forget that.

Regardless of what fee schedule your lawyer works on most of them will allow you to set an initial free consultation to interview and discuss your case with them. Take advantage of this initial consultation and use it to help find someone who understands your case that is willing to fight for you to win. Be weary of a lawyer who encourages you to take a plea immediately as some lawyers would rather make deals than defend your case. You deserve a proper defense in court.

Ready to Hire a Phoenix DUI Lawyer?

After you hire a Phoenix DUI lawyer you will begin to experience a glimmer of relief. If you’re facing a DUI conviction it’s important that you seek help immediately and not wait until things get worse. The longer you wait the lesser your chances of building a successful defense case with your attorney. DUI cases are complex which means representing yourself or hiring a public defender can be dangerous. By taking things into your own hands and finding a Phoenix DUI lawyer now you will be ahead of the game.

The worst thing you can do right now is not take action which puts you at the mercy of the judge and the prosecutor. You want to find a lawyer who will use every extent of the law to help you fight your case. With the right defense it’s possible to lessen your charges or win your case and eliminate your DUI charge. Taking action now will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Now that you know the downfalls of not hiring a lawyer and what you can gain by hiring one it’s time to contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer now and take control of your life again.