Drinking And Driving Consequences

Drinking and driving is dangerous which is why DUI traffic laws are heavily enforced. While some people reach their destination when driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, others result in injuries, property damage, or worse. DUI (Driving under the Influence) and DWI (Driving with Influence) are the two common terms used to refer to the offense of driving while intoxicated. Both drugs and alcohol alter cognitive and motor functions; rendering a person incapable of making precise and timely decisions when controlling an automobile.

However, not all DUI arrests results in convictions as many other factors could result in failing standard DUI tests including being nervous or even lacking sleep. If you’ve been pulled over for suspicion of DUI the officer will put you through a series of tests to prove you’re incapacitated. The results of the tests you complete will be combined with the observations and story of the arresting officer which will then be handed over to a prosecutor form a case against you. That’s why it’s important that anyone involved in a DUI related incident seek professional legal advice.

Drunk driving defense

Due to the serious consequences that drinking and driving has, most governments have strict laws that punish DUI offenders in a bid to curb this dangerous vice. DUI offenders need solid defense if they are to avoid prosecution and or strict DUI penalties. Any person that is arrested for driving under the influence can be prosecuted in a court of law and sentenced heavily. DUI penalties include monetary fines, jail terms, driving license suspension, community work, and mandatory rehab, among other courses of action that the justice system might deem fit.

DUI defense attorney

DUI offenders can only get reliable defense from highly trained, experienced and authorized DUI defense attorneys. DUI defense attorneys in Arizona are plentiful, but not all of those attorneys are good at defending offenders. Some attorneys handle DUI defense as one of their many legal practices and may, thus, lack the precise expertise, knowledge and experience needed to defend DUI offenders. Other attorneys lack legal licensing to practice law in certain regions and may, therefore, not be in a position to defend anyone.

DUI defense attorney duties

DUI attorneys educate people about DUI defenses, DUI penalties, and prosecution procedures.

Drivers with high blood toxicity (blood alcohol/substance content) get more serious penalties than drivers with low blood toxicity. Defense attorneys help offenders plead to lesser charges and get lenient penalties so that they can resume their normal lives as soon as legally possible. Legally practicing DWI attorneys can even act as guarantors for the DUI offenders to help those offenders get bail or perhaps more lenient sentencing.

If you’ve been involved in a DUI related offense you may be facing serious consequences. Drunk driving defense is important to all accused DUI offenders that wish to lessen their sentencing and or avoid prosecution altogether. The resources on this site should help you in your journey from here on.